The Path For Students

Recognising Writing Styles and Genres

Whenever a person takes the time to create a written work, those who read it have an opportunity to learn about that person. While there are authors who choose to remain anonymous, recognizing their talent and hard work in creating a body of writing is still important. Few authors want to believe they are unimportant, and acknowledging their work can be as easy as remembering their name. Many writers create many works, and some of them become an integral part of the quotes for a generation. Learning about a person who writes is a way to make an important connection, and it is good for students to learn about the people who create works for them.

Children’s Books

There are many books that have been created over the last few centuries explicitly for children, but many of them are much more interested in reading works from modern authors. Older works, including fairy tales, are often what their parents read to them before they learn to read on their own. Once a child has learned how to read on their own, they can then select their own material. Learning how to find authors who have written a series of children’s books can be a good way to continue a child’s love of reading. It can help students who are not quite as enthusiastic improve their reading skills if they suddenly find stories they love, so educators often look for ways to help them find authors whose works will engage readers.

Recognising a Favourite Author

Authors who write exclusively for children depend upon name recognition for their young consumers to be able to find them, so it is important for educators to help their students become familiar with information about their favourite authors. Students in English KS2 Powerpoints will often develop a taste for adventure stories, or they might find that mysteries pique their interest. For those who have found their favourite authors already, learning about them is important. Educators with students still trying to find the type of books that will attract their attention can focus on introducing information about authors through a slide presentation by Primary Teaching Resources, and giving their students this information might help them recognize what types of books attract them for future reading.

Bodies of Work

There are some authors that appeal to a large audience, and some of them write in many different genres throughout their career. Authors of children’s books generally specialize in this area for a reason, and their bodies of work will be a collection that a young student can read over a period of years. It might seem limiting to some, but a child that learns to love reading everything by one author will tend to move on to others once they have read everything by their favourites. It will encourage them to find others who write in the same style or genre.

The love of reading can spark a lifetime of learning through enjoyment and entertainment, and it is the hope of educators that students will continue to read regularly for the rest of their lives. If they can spark an interest in a student with information on authors, helping them find their favourite genre, or even ensuring they have the information available, the student has a good chance to find an enjoyable hobby for life.